How to clean the stains on the quartz table

The surface of quartz stone is smooth, flat and free of scratch retention. The dense and non porous material structure makes bacteria nowhere to hide. It can be in direct contact with food. It is safe and non-toxic. It has become the biggest advantage of quartz stone table. There are many oil stains in the kitchen. If the items in the kitchen are not cleaned in time, there are thick stains. Of course, the quartz table is no exception. Although the quartz is resistant to dirt, it has no self-cleaning function after all.

The cleaning method of quartz stone table is as follows:

Method 1: wet the dishcloth, dip in detergent or soapy water, wipe the table, clean the stains, and then clean it with clean water; After cleaning, be sure to dry the residual water with a dry towel to avoid leaving water stains and breeding of bacteria. This is the most commonly used method in our daily life.

Method 2: evenly smear the toothpaste on the quartz table, stay for 10 minutes, wipe it with a wet towel until the stain is removed, and finally wash it with clean water and dry it.

Method 3: if there are only a few stains on the table, you can also wipe them off with an eraser.

Method 4: first wipe the table with a wet towel, grind vitamin C into powder, mix it with water into powder, apply it on the table, wipe it with dry wool after 10 minutes, and finally clean and dry it with clean water. This method can not only clean the table, but also remove rust spots.

Quartz stone countertop needs regular maintenance. Generally, after cleaning, apply a layer of automobile wax or furniture wax on the countertop and wait for natural air drying.

Post time: Oct-15-2021
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